STEMboree 2019 - March 30, 2019 Frank Fickett SCOut training and service center


Overview of the event

STEMboree is FREE!  Classes, food and gear are extra.

  • Visit more than 30 hands-on STEM booth, activities, and demos
    • Drive a robot, make & launch a rocket, touch every element, brand a mug, and much more!
    • Event includes both indoor and outdoor sections.  In case of bad weather, all events will be moved inside or to covered areas.  
  • STEM Nova class ($10 each) - limited availability
    • Work on a Cub, Scout, or Venturer Nova award
    • Preview of the many more classes that are available at Cub STEM Adventure Campout (April 27-28) and Scout STEM Adventure Weekend (Sept 20-22)
  • STEMboree patch, STEM t-shirt, and food & drink are purchasable on site

Registration opens 2/1


9:00 AM - Doors Open and check in opens

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM - Midway open for all activities

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM - Class set one - Cub Scouts Classes

11:00AM - 12:15PM - Class set two - Scouts BSA Classes

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM - Class set three- Cub Scouts Classes

The Free Midway

The 2018 Midway exhibits included:

  • The UT Physics Circus
  • Texas Space Grant Consortium
  • A+ Federal Credit Union
  • Hello World
  • The Engineering of Sewing
  • NASA Astronaut Greg Chamitoff
  • The Austin Cans Robotics Team
  • Lego Robotics Drive Cage
  • Kids Lego Pit 
  • 3D printers
  • STEM Branding and Sandblasting
  • Marshmallows in Space
  • Carbonite Bubbles
  • Geometry in Quilts
  • and much, much more

Lunch -$5 - Join us for Lunch and help bring the STEM NOVA Trailer to your area!

 Please plan to have lunch with us and help fund the build-out of STEM NOVA Maker Trailer.    We will be helping serve lunch from 11-2.  Lunch with be hotdogs will fixings, chips, fruit and carrots and lemonade or tea for $5 each.  Feel free to purchase using cash, check or credit card onsite.   


Classes - $10 each - Cub and Scout Novas TBD - 2018 classes included:

  • NOVA
    • Heritage Room 
    • All Requirements covered except 1.
      • If youth spend 1 hour in the Midway and talk to the Counselors at the NOVA table, they can complete Requirement 1.  See below for more info
  • Up and Away
    • Porch
    • All Requirements covered except 1 and 4.
      •  If youth spend 1 hour in the Midway and talk to the Counselors at the NOVA table, they can complete Requirement 1.  See below for more info
      • Youth will need to complete a flight in the at ifly to complete requirement 4.

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Should Boy Scouts & Venturers come to this event?

  • YES! The Midway will be full of cool STEM exhibits, hands-on activities, and experiments for all ages - adults too. Classes in 2019 will include Nova at their the Scout/Venturer level.

Are parents welcome to stay?

  • YES! Parents are welcome to come  and are asked to stay with younger children.  During classes, parents are asked to give  youth the first pick of seats.

Can siblings or friends attend?

  • YES!  The Midway is FREE and open to all. Anyone can buy lunch, t-shirts and patches.
  • Only registered participants may  attend classes.  Any youth is welcome to register for any class, but currently only Cub Scouts can earn the NOVA award as part of their advancement. 

Is there anything we should bring?

  • Please bring a water bottle or your own cup to refill from the water fountain.  Bring a mess kit if you wish. We strive to keep trash to a minimum in all of our STEM events. 
  • Class participants should bring a pen or pencil to write with.
  • Bring something to brand with the STEM logo such as a mug, hat, etc.
  • Bring cash, check, or credit card to buy food & drink, STEM t-shirts and patches. The Scout Shop will also be open until 2 PM.

* Note for all NOVA Classes

 In order to completely finish any NOVA Award, Requirement 1 requires one hour (for Cubs)  (or three for Scouts/Venturers) of watching or reading about your STEM topic. All the free exhibits constitute a “live performance” which is also acceptable.  Participants may spend time in the Midway learning about the topic related to their class to complete  their NOVA Award. Alternatively, youth may watch or read at home and bring questions to ask their counselor after class.

Class participants will receive a  Nova time-tracking card and will earn signatures for time spent at each booth watching the demonstration and asking questions.  Once a  participant fills the card, show this to either the class Nova Counselor or at the Information/Check-in Booth and we will be happy to sign that Requirement 1 is complete.