What does a SuperNOVA Mentor Do?

 SuperNOVA Mentors help youth complete the requirement for their rank specific SuperNOVA and educate them about what a Scientist/Engineer/STEM professional does. 

Who can become a SuperNOVA Mentor?

 Any adult(21 or older) who has a STEM background, is registered with Boy Scouts of America and has completed youth protection training.   SuperNOVA Mentors should complete the SuperNOVA Mentor either online or in person and register with the Council Office by submitting BOTH an updated Adult Application (position code 58) and a SuperNOVA mentor Application.  

 Note: Parents can be SuperNOVA mentors to their own youth ONLY if they are mentors to other youth in their unit. Part of the SuperNOVA award is to learn to express STEM ideas in adult STEM professions. 

Is there any help to get me started

Yes!   Most districts have a district NOVA chair who can assist individuals in obtaining information, lessons and more.  Please Contact Us for information on the current district STEM Chairs.

After I have completed the SuperNOVA Award with youth, what award do they get?

 Once a youth has completed all SuperNOVA award requirements, they will receive a SuperNOVA medal and certificate. Medals for each rank are pictured above.   Click here for more information.

What is the application process like?

 Once you as an approved SuperNOVA mentor believe a youth has completed their SuperNOVA Award requirements, assist the youth in completing a SuperNOVA Application as well as gather all supporting documentation (this should include but is not limited to photos, hand written reports, data charts, or youth made presentation materials). 

Submit all of this to the Council office in person, via mail or via email.  At the next STEM NOVA committee meeting, the committee will review everything and either approve or contact the SuperNOVA mentor.   

If the youth is a Scouts BSA or Venturing level member, they will need to attend a Board of Review for their SuperNOVA Award. 

Once the award has been approved and signed off by the STEM NOVA Committee Chair and Scout Executive, the Director of STEM and Conservation and/or the Scout Shop will contact the family and SuperNOVA mentor about how to purchase the award. 

Please Contact Us with any questions.