What does a NOVA Counselor Do?

NOVA Counselors teach the NOVA Awards in their unit, district or to any youth wanting to learn STEM.  If you are wanting to do the SuperNOVA award, please see our page on becoming a SuperNOVA Mentor. 

Who can become a NOVA Counselor?

Any adult (21 or older) who is registered with the Boy Scouts of America and has completed youth protection training.   It is highly recommended that NOVA Counselors complete the Online NOVA Counselor Training and register with the Council Office as a NOVA Counselor (position code 58).  

Is there any help to get me started

Yes!   Most districts have a district NOVA chair who can help you get information, lessons and more.  Please Contact Us for your current district STEM Chair.

After I have completed the NOVA Award with youth, what award do they get?

 Once a youth member has completed their first NOVA award, they receive a NOVA patch. Once they have received the NOVA patch, each additional NOVA they complete receives a PI pin.    See the image to the upper left to see the NOVA patch with a pi pin in the lower point.  Click here for more information. 

How can we get the patch and pi pins?

 Once a youth member has completed their NOVA award requirements, the Nova Counselor(or SuperNova Mentor), Unit Leader or Unit Advancement Chair will input the completion dates and notes into either Scoutbook or on an Advancement Report. The purchase order or advancement report can be taken to the Scout Shop to purchase NOVA patch or pin.